About Us

We Are Bake Tonight

Hi, I am Shaina

I am a self taught bakery artist. I love to create beautiful and amazing flavoured cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. During the pandemic I made my mind to start my home bakery to provide fresh and fine baked goods to public as I love to try out new cakes and frosting recipes.

Bakeries made by hand, from scratch, with love. Here you get a cake
for every kind of party and festivals and each of our cakes tells a story. Love consists of four letters so does the ‘bake’. Enjoy sweet delights and spicy nights with Bake Tonight. We provide a Slice of Heaven.

Our mission is to provide best tasting treats to everyone with the high quality ingredients. Also to make sure that no one is excluding from joining and ordering such delicious flavours by Bake Tonight.

We make sure to deliver you fresh goods which are prepared on pre orders only, so that we can provide you with freshly baked items for your healthy lifestyle.


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